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Stellar Design System (SDS) is an opinionated React component library (we hope it will grow into a full-featured design system in the future) used in the Stellar Development Foundation’s web projects. It's meant to be used internally to keep our web products consistent.

Current version

npm version

Tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • React for UI
  • Sass for CSS styling
  • Yarn
  • Rollup

Get started

Install SDS by using the package manager of your choice.

npm install @stellar/design-system

Add Google Fonts (Inter Tight, Inter, and Roboto Mono) to the index.html file or CSS/styles file.

<link rel="preconnect" href="" />
<link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin />
@import url(";500;600&family=Roboto+Mono&display=swap");

Add the main CSS file to your project (for example, the main index file of your React project).

import "@stellar/design-system/build/styles.min.css";

Import components in your project.

import { Button, Input } from "@stellar/design-system";

Local development

The design system repo has two parts:

  • @stellar/design-system - everything for the design system (repo)
  • @stellar/design-system-website - website for the design system (what you are looking at now) (repo)

To run Stellar Design System locally:

  • Clone the repo
git clone [email protected]:stellar/stellar-design-system.git
  • Install dependencies
npm install

Scripts to develop and build locally

  • build:sds - build Stellar Design System (sds) project only
  • build:sds-web - build Stellar Design System website (sds-web) project only
  • build - build both projects
  • start:sds - start sds project for local development
  • start:sds-web - start sds-web project for local development
  • clean - delete node_modules and build directories in the whole repo

You need to run each start command in its own window or tab.

Developer notes

  • Use the Stellar Design System components "as is", don’t modify existing ones to fit your needs if the component doesn’t allow it.
  • If a component doesn’t exist, it’s okay to create it locally for your project (we’ll keep adding more components to SDS as we go).
  • If you are creating a component locally, use only color variables available in the SDS palette (in theme.scss). This is very important for the light and dark modes to work. When in doubt, please check with the Design team.
  • styled-components are not currently supported, but you can use them as wrappers/containers for SDS components.